April 28, 2017

60 Columbus Circle

Time Warner Center, NYC

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Global Marketing Summit 2017

This year’s theme is Keeping Up With Disruption. The largest taxi company in the world owns no taxis, the largest retailer owns no inventory, the largest accommodation provider owns no real estate, and the largest publisher creates no content.


We are moving into a new era of marketing where customers, especially millennials are realizing their true worth to brands. Technological innovation has forced many businesses to reinvent themselves as their industries have been disrupted. Modern marketers need to embrace the new opportunities that these technological advances have brought, or they risk becoming irrelevant.


GMS will explore these topics in three separate panels:





Topic 1: Modern Marketing Technologies And How We Use Them


New tools are fundamentally changing the art and science of marketing. This panel will have innovation leads from agencies and clients cover what they are using and how.

10AM Panel 1

Anna Papadopoulos


VP Integrated Media, Prudential

Joel Stanley


Sr. Director, Digital Marketing, Electrolux

Alyssa Waxenberg


Director of Marketing, IBM Watson

Hasnaa Rkhami


Global Online Marketing & Merchandising Manager,

Estée Lauder


Aaron Tabas


Director of BBC StoryWorks Content Studio,



11 AM Break (20 minutes)

Topic 2: The Changing Customer Journey And Our Measurement Of It


Linear conversion is disappearing; this panel will look at changes in consumer behavior and the big business of targeting them across their journey and measuring the corresponding ROI.

11:20 AM Panel 2

Chris Drago


Director of Global Media, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Toni Clayton-Hine,


SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Xerox Corporation

Amy Sokotch,


SVP; Advertising, Media and Partnerships, Citi

Andy Donkin,


CMO, Under Armour



Megan Chan,


Director of Digital Operations, The Washington Post

Topic 3: Industries In The Crosshairs


Industry leaders will discuss how they are dealing with the accelerating pace of change and what they are doing to stay ahead.






12:20 PM Panel 3


 Michael Treff,


Managing Partner, Code and Theory

Uwe Ellinghaus,


CMO, Cadillac

Greg Gibbons,


SVP Marketing Comms, Siemens

Quinn O'Brien,


Vice President, Worldwide Brand, Lenovo


1:30 PM Event Ends



9AM: Morning Keynote: Keeping up with Disruption


Mike Tunnicliffe, EVP Head of Universal Music Group and Brands